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Welcome to M4 Consulting

Are you a business owner concerned about the current economic environment who wants to take active steps, not only to survive the recession, but be better placed at the end of it to reap the ultimate rewards you deserve?

Running a small-to-medium sized (SME) business today means you are faced with an often overwhelming array of daily challenges …challenges that can take your focus away from the future, because you’re simply trying to get by today.

Why you should consider M4 Consulting

M4 Consulting specialise in working with businesses that want to grow, to help them set up structure and processes for the future that will take them to the next level.

You see, M4 is a very different kind of consulting firm… we are a RAN ONE firm.

Yes, we do provide traditional advisory services.  But being a RAN ONE firm allows us to combine our extensive personal experience working with with a suite of proprietary, cutting-edge tools and resources not available to other consulting firms.

These sophisticated tools provide you with a unique sets of 'maps' that empower you to identify the areas of your business that will give the most immediate return and it allows us to work at your pace and budget, and to make step-by step improvements.


Our team has a unique blend of many years' experience in general management, financial management, marketing and business development. We are specialists in our field and love working with companies who want to grow.

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